Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a whole-person-focused process that helps you define and achieve your professional objectives, consistent with your most deeply held personal values.

Coaching typically begins with a free 30-minute consultation/exploration over the phone. During that meeting, your coach will ask questions designed to help you define and visualize “Point A” (your current starting point) and “Point B” (where you want to go). This exploratory/assessment session results in a written summary that will steer the coaching process if you choose to move forward. Most executive coaching occurs over about 6 telephone sessions (with carefully tailored homework in between to catalyze progress), and takes anywhere from 9 to 18 weeks. This is flexible.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Access to an enthusiastic and skilled listener, thought-partner, strategist, and coach to help you gain clarity in visualizing your goals and values
  • One or more clearly defined pathways toward your goal(s)
  • Someone who will hold you accountable to follow through
  • The feeling of progress
  • The satisfaction of achieving milestones
  • A partner to help you assess, overcome, and/or dissolve hurdles
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased ability to use self-awareness/self-coaching to achieve future goals

One-on-one COACHING sessions are distinct from writing and strategic consulting services in the following ways. Coaching:

  • Assumes that you are the expert in content, not me
  • Helps you extract, harness, and organize the expert information you already have
  • Co-creates with you an action plan of how to move from Pt. A to Pt. B
  • Empowers you with newly revealed awareness, knowledge, skills, strengths
  • Builds your capacity to coach yourself in the future

Explore COACHING if you are...

...noticing that you are feeling gaps or imbalances in both personal and professional areas of your life that you’d like to address and improve holistically

...looking to build your personal/professional awareness and strengths

...aiming to realize your full potential

...willing and able to do substantial personal and/or professional development work between coaching sessions (at intervals that you co-establish)

Explore CONSULTING if you are...

...aiming strictly to solve organization-related problems without any desire to focus on parts of your personal or professional life that may be out of balance (e.g., health, relationship, time management, etc.)

...looking for direct collaborative assistance, leadership, and/or help “lifting” during a specific project, or over a longer duration

...aiming to engage a reliable partner

...willing and able to gather information, data, or documents needed by a consultant (in a deadline-sensitive way), so we can help you achieve your objectives while reducing your and your team's workload