Our Grant Writing Methodology


Understand details of your organization and the opportunity.

Write and Draft

Develop robust outline and placeholders for specific grant content.

Iterate and Deepen

Build out grant content, based on stakeholder input/feedback.


Prepare and proofread the final proposal and all attachments prior to submission.


Grant Services

  • Grant Pursuit Strategy
  • Abstract Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Project Management (working with your staff)
  • Research
    • Grant Opportunities
    • Statistics to Support Proposals
  • Timeline Development
  • Budget Narratives
  • Letters of Inquiry (LOIs)
  • Letters of Commitment (partners)
  • Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement (partners)
  • Post-Grant Award
    • Funder Communications
    • Funder Progress Reports
    • Other documentation as needed