For key proposals, documents, and/or marketing materials, we will:

  • Create a structure / skeleton
  • Fill the skeleton with compelling words, promoting your goal
  • Promote compliance with what the target audience formally requires or needs to see
  • Find exactly the right words to speak to your audience(s)
  • Use words and emphasis patterns (such as strategic use of bold and italics) to captivate and direct your readers’ attention
  • Consult with you to make wording changes that embody your voice
  • Edit
  • For grants: Use scoring rubrics to assure the right flow and content
  • Track draft-to-draft changes. Add comments for you in the margins
  • Assure compliance with any restrictions (such as maximum word or character counts)
  • Assure coherence/consistency across any companion documents (including budgets)
  • Proofread