Strategic-Consulting Focus Areas

Attracting new funding and/or revenue streams

Identifying/engaging new partners

Developing materials for prospective donors

Building coalitions

Motivating boards (Directors, Advisors)

Promoting employee engagement and retention

Building your case with legislators/regulators

Pre-empting or responding to (potential) budget cuts

Assessing areas for cost reduction

Our strategic consulting outcomes and deliverables vary across clients, but our ingredients for progress typically include one or more of the following:
  • Questions to help clarify your end goal(s)
  • Additional discussion designed to elicit efficient path(s) forward
  • Attentive listening, with your goal(s) in mind
  • Opportunities to brainstorm and vision together
  • Cost/benefit, risk/reward, and/or similar analyses of various paths
  • Assisting you with making key decisions
  • Follow-up/documentation to ensure traction on key decisions
  • Creating a timeline of milestones and deliverables
  • Helping you and your team stay organized and focused
Select outcomes of this advisory service for current clients include:
  • Restored government funding following budget cuts to mission-critical program (domestic violence agency)
  • Helped build multi-organization partnership to pursue federal grant opportunity, resulting in multi-year grant award (mental health services agency)
  • Worked with annual fundraising gala’s keynote speaker via coaching and refined messaging to deepen impact,
           resulting in increased donations (human services agency)